What is "Stories of Grace"?

Stories of Grace is a new opportunity for members of Grace Baptist Church of DeBary to share their testimony with the world outside of our weekly meetings together. We've created a questionnaire for you to fill out that will help you tell your story, and our goal is to record a video of every church member sharing their testimony. Information is below.

# 1 - Write your testimony

Click the icon to the left to access the "Testimony Guide", which will help you to write down your story.

#2 - Recording your testimony

You will have the ability to record your own testimony or schedule a time with our media team to record it at church - Information on availability will be announced during the morning service. Your recorded video will be between 3-5 minutes long and the media team will edit it.

While not necessary, we would encourage you to provide photos, if you have some, of you growing up. As a visual presentation, we'd love to tell your story in a neat and fun way.

#3 - We'll share what God has done in your life!

Once your testimony has been recorded and edited, we will share it in church and on social media! This is our opportunity to communicate to our community around us, to share our testimony with those who may not know Jesus, and to encourage Christians in Central Florida and beyond to be bold in professing their faith!

We are so excited about this project and are thrilled you've decided to take part. We're excited to see how the Lord can use the Stories of Grace to further His work right here in DeBary and around the world.